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I must see it wrong but is it so that an admin of a server can say a player cheats and ban him/her for that and that the player can't connect to other servers too?

Or is it only players who get caught by punkbuster?

I'm asking this because since i play on enemy territory 2.55 i got accused by some players of cheating.I even got banned by an admin of a server.

I have never and will never cheat with online gaming so you can understand i was frustrated when i got banned for it.

It's a real noob admin cause he accuses almost every player who is better then him of cheating.And he sucks so i hope that he can not get every good player banned from a lot of servers.

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At the end of the day services like pbbans give streaming admin tools and resources to catch cheats with streamed logs to back up the evidence.


This how ever does not stop a misinformed or annoyed admin from locally banning a player cause he feels he is too good, or cause they are abusing server rules etc.


One admin locally banning you does not impact other servers that stream unless evidence of a cheat is discovered.


At the end of the day he pays for the server so he gets to choose his audience just go play somewhere fairer and preferably one that streams where an admin has attempted to level the playing field and give all a safer gaming server to play on.

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ok tnx for the fast reply.Now i can game relaxed again.If it were true this guy would on his own be responsible for destroying the enemy territory community.I saw he already caught 2 guys in 2 days.One of them is no cheater i think.I saw a movie of it but nothing wrong in my eyes (have to say image was not good quality)

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everytime I ban someone it's like 'oHn03S i DOESN'T H4X, UNBAZ ME FAYEST!"

I am the admin in question here, and I have seen wallhacklike behaviour in his case.

I had many complaints about this guy, from at least a dozen people, and I specced him and indeed wallhacktype behaviour, so i think his ban on my server is valid. (offcourse I don't know for sure, but benefit of the doubt, if he is using hax, then PB will cath his ass soon enough in the next couple of months, or he has to pay for a newer version lolz)

And as Raistlin says, I pay for the server and not you, so don't tell me what to do on my own server, Tom.

and he can stay banned for a bit more, if he continues to flame all over the internet.


and why do yuou need to play on my servers so desperately? if you dont like my rules and / or policies, there are tons of other different servers, go play on them, instead of bitching across the net.

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Dude i'm 30 i don't need cheats to make kills and respect people who own me.You don't believe me but that's ur problem.I know i don't use them.Hack i don't even know how they work.

I liked playing on ur server once in a while cause the overall skill is low and it's relaxing to not have to do much effort to make kills.I can understand that new players may think i cheat but that's just 4 years of playing the best game ever.You obviously never play on high skilled servers.

i think i speak for everybody who has been wrongly accused that it's very frustrating to be banned for it.Even more when you get banned from the forum when you say something about it.

There were some nice people on the server and it was always good fun when there were no admins around.

You are right that it's your server and you make the rules but i think admins should have some rules too like respecting players.(i don't tell you to do that it's just my opinion)

I guess you think Saddam Hoesein was wrongly accused too cause it was his country so if he wants to kill his own people it's no problem?If the people didn't like that they should have move to a different country?

Too all other people;You should really go and play on this server once.i promiss you it's an experience you never had before on any et server(when the 2 leaders are on)

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