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Bridge Collapses over Mississippi River


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*Just Added*


22 people injured

6 people Critical

4 people dead (8 according to a police officer not confirmed)



Department of Homeland Security says no reasons for us to think it was a terrorist attack.However they have closed the Mississippi River with Coast Guard and Military.



50+ cars have been confirmed to have plunged into the river

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I've been watching this for about 3-4 hrs now, on the news....MN is close to me, and I've been on that bridge with a fully loaded tractor/trailor combination....bit freaky to think of how that could have been for myself.....


Prayers go out to those involved, and the families looking for those that have not returned home. God bless and GodSpeed!

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I heard about this on the nesw today. The second set of figures regarding casualties is about what i heard. The news also said that the rescue operation had been stopped overnight. WHY?! People could still be trapped under the water :(

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It's the Mississippi river....a dangerous river at the best of times, let alone at night. Better to keep those who are already safe in the safe-zone than risk more lives. They've also got to consider the risks of further collapse, and being able to inspect more during daylight hours will provide a greater degree of safety.


I know that sounds pretty selfish/horrible, but at this time it's also logical. Why risk more lives?

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a bad storm....yes. Thunder and lightning, along with heavy rains. That would have impeded any search and rescue, along with making it more dangerous than it already was. Given the situation, I think they made the right call.


There's no point in putting more ppl at risk. It's sad to say/do, but sometimes there's logic in cutting your losses, and saving those that can be saved.


I do feel sorrow for those affected directly, and my prayers are with them all, but I do agree in minimizing loss, as well. There's no point in pushing forth if rescue efforts would only cause more loss of life. Better to start with a new day, and the ability to deal with the situation properly, rather than risk more lives in efforts to maybe save none or one.


I know that sounds cruel, but it's also logical.

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