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init failure


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ok this isnt funny no more i got kick a total of 19 times yesterday for pb init failure what is this ? its been happening on and off pfor the past month can some1 help me fix the problem?

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PunkBuster kicks me for INIT FAILURE?


Usually, this message means your PB is not working properly. You should run our PBSetup program to make sure your PB is up to date.

However, we have recently discovered that some broadband routers routinely drop OOB (Out of Band) packets for no apparent reason. Since all PB packets are OOB, these routers can actually block PB's communication (again for no apparent reason). To determine if the router is the cause of this problem for you, remove the router and connect directly to the internet. If you are able to play this way, then the cause is very likely the router.

Based on user feedback, the following router brands/models are reported to have problems. Not necessarily all models of a brand might be affected, and the list is in no way complete but it can give you a few hints. Also, we do not claim that our list below shows the only solution to fix your issue, nor that it will fix it for sure even though it has worked for others. It could very well be that changing some settings in your router could help as well. Contacting the company directly might help you as well.


* Linksys - possible solution: Use firmware 1.44.2

* Motorola - possible solution: Update to latest firmware

* Netgear - possible solution: Disable SPI (statefull packet inspection)




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There are several things that can cause pb init failures. As suggested above, most are related to router issues.


Could you post the complete pb init error that comes up on your screen? The error will lend a little more light on your problem than a general pb init failure will.


Most of the players I see with this issue on my servers are kicked for packetloss or timing out, and it usually ends up being a wireless router issue, or that their router needs to be rebooted.


For some, simply not having the right in-game settings becomes the issue.


Load the game and the mod, but don't enter a server. Open your console, and enter a few commands and see if this will help you.


/rate 25000


/cl_maxpackets 100


/com_zonemegs 64


Then try logging into a server, and see what happens. Those may not cure anything, or they may help the situation.


If you're on a wireless router, you'll end up with packetloss if the wireless card inside your PC over-heats. This is one of the many reasons why wireless is not considered good for gaming. I don't know if you are on wireless, but it's worth mentioning. Try plugging straight into your router or even by-passing it altogether.

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Game integrity kicks usually come after attemtping to rejoin a server you've been kicked from without rebooting your game completely.


As for the pb init failure, have you gone through the above mentioned router issues? Tried the /cl_maxpackets 100 or 125 settings on console?

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