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I am having a problem with the screen shots I am taking. Everyone I take a screen shot of has this message:

<p> Screenshot transfer was incomplete.


The only person I can get a SS of is myself. Of course, my screen shot is all black becasue I am actually out of the game at the time.


What can I do to fix this?


Please help if you can.




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you need to give more info..are you doing ss's manually or on auto.....are they being sent to an ftp site or another,,how did you enable{if on auto} the ss's.... sound to me your doing them manually through your own conp and your getting a reply of what your own comp would send out,,a black ss....aka, mac user or vista or others,,ect..... if your using ftp then you need to load it correctly and start it on auto.. no matter what game it is its easy to setup and review but again, my guess is its reading what your own comp is sending out.....ftp for th most part is free,,, if you dont use it you may want to switch to it,,,it shows all of what pb sees,,not wht you do.

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I am manually taking screens shots from my 2142CC console using the pb_sv_getss command. It is sent to a folder on the server that hosts the game and I access it through ftp. The file shows the player name, the guid number, when it was taken...etc, but when I open the file I get the error message above.


I set up the game useing the commands I found on this site....I do not recall exactally what they were.


I hope this is the info you were looking for.




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Do you down load the pbss´s first via ftp?


Try the pbsv.cfg i attatched theconfig in our download section does not have autoss enabled

This config contains autoss enabled no need to take manualy ss´s


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