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131133 error


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RESTRICTION: Unknown Windows API Function [131133]

A player keeps getting punted off my server any idea on the error?


---- I have found what someone figured out was the problem.

For error 131131 - He was able to figure out that Security Update for Windows (KB917422) is the update that conflicted with Punkbuster. Once he removed it, it worked.



Another ...

API Kick 131133:


Known cause: Ventrillo Voice Overlay - Possibly other overlay programs. (ATI tool tray from Omega Drivers suspect)

Solution: Disable overlay program


Known cause: DxTweaker

Solution: Disable DxTweaker program


Known cause: Older TSO - Causes a "Missing/Corrupted API" kick

Solution: Update TSO to latest build




WMP 11 & 'Hotfix for Windows Media Format 11 SDK (KB929399)' update on your PC?


Any ideas......

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if u use steam do this,



BUGS: The steam community overlay causes the following:


Intro videos crash

Server Browser is slow and has few responses

Punk buster will kick you because the overlay is against its rules


just turn off steam overlay



ppl that use this will get kicked for 125001 error as well as the unknow api which is 131133, the next punkbuster update should fix this problem as stated by the person that ansered my post thing.

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