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I am new at this


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I am new at this and dont have a clue anyone got voice comms who could walk me through all this. :o

First time admin or experienced old hand.

Please tell me whats hard about sending a few rcon commands to your server.


Take a read, its a lot easier than people imagine :)

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Give me a break will you I am on overload with info downloads and forum sites I was asking for a little help as this is my first time at running a game server and I would like to get it right.


A new question were do I find my Clan ID multiplay want this to setup pb streaming.

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Everyone has to start somewhere. By you wanting to get your server setup correctly, that is the first step.....we can work with you to ensure that PB is configured correctly for streaming to PBBans.

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can you tell me where to find my clan id I can nmot seem to see it.

Thats because clan id's are used by www.punksbusted.com and not www.pbbans.com

Fortunately you can stream a server to both sites, it's your choice.

To initiate streaming to PBBans requires a few rcon commands to be entered as per this topic:


Once streaming is established a team account will be created for you, this takes a matter of minutes from start to finish.

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