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Gday guys, just need some opinions on this demo as I do think that he is using a wallhack of sorts. The map is mp_maaloy.cod2 and running on AWE 3.2 I think or 3.1


Demo ---> http://www.mediamax.com/mazellan/Hosted/Pale2.rar

Hi Mazellan :)

You do realise that even if the demo was the most perfect example of a cheat, there is nothing that can be done because your server does not stream to PBBans, this means that all that can happen is a local ban can be applied by you.

If you were streaming and an undetected cheat was submitted via a demo to PBBans, the pbguid of the offender would be placed on the Master Ban Index (MBI) and once that happens all PBBans streaming servers would have their pbbans.dat updated within 1 second of the ban being added to the MBI.

Streaming gives you access to the PBBans Master Config Index (MCI) which is a comprehensive list of the latest cvar/md5 scans that will ensure your server has as clean a gaming environment as is possible.


The MCI is updated as and when new cheats are released.


The PBBans Hub can also help detect private paid for cheats.


The PBBans Hub uses a new method of initiating streaming that will happily run alongside any existing streaming that you may have in place.


All it takes is a few rcon commands to initiate streaming



Give it a try and take a look at a modern, effective way of keeping your server(s) clean. :) if you think streaming sucks you can always stop it any time you like.

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At the moment we are streaming with Punkbusted, I just created this post to see what people think - to get a second opinion. Will notify head admin to get our servers streaming with PBBans as well.

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Maze, streaming to PsB and PBBans is definitely the way to go. The demo you submitted wasn't recorded by the PsB Demo Recorder, so they won't issue a ban on it either.

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