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Why am I constantly required to log in?


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I am constantly being asked to login everytime I try to navigate through the forums. Hell, this is my second time posting this question because the first time, when I tried to preview my post, I had to log in AGAIN. I'm also getting the message with the enormous red x even though I'm registered. This is a little frustrating.

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R u pulling my leg?


And very cool on the Air Force, I did a four year hitch from 1988-1992, which means we served over the same stretch of time. After training in Texas, though, I got stuck in Washington D.C., at Bolling AFB not the Pentagon, and never got another assignment. :(

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The forums only allow a user to be logged into one machine at a time. The password salt is changed on every login. Also make sure it's www.pbbans.com and not just pbbans.com when you login as all the links have www.

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