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Hacker messing our server


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We have had a guy in our server. His name does not show in player list in CC but can see his chat msg's. Can't kick/ban or do anything. And when he's playing of course he spawns wherever he wants,uses the commander asset hack and also keeps dropping the opposing commanders. Is there a way to catch this hack or contact aomeone in a pinch who can drop in the server and see what's going on in hopes of busting this worthless no skill PoS. GRRRRRRRRRR FRUSTRATION REIGNS SUPREME!!!!!! We are running PB. And all we did manage was a copy of his name through chat ..........


I_OWN -> is the screen name


Any advise or further help would be greatly appreciated.

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We have a similar problem with a hacker too. We know this guys real ingame name and his aliases, but cant be found in the CC. So he cant be banned. He also has a hack where he is dead but still can do the commanderhack at all times! Very frustrating as no one of us admins can ban him, because we cant 'see'him.


Tried to look in the PBlogs as mentioned in this topic but no results. And its a hell too go through these, because nothing is lined up when u open them.


We tried everything, send a email to PunkBuster and EA but no replies. This guy is [email protected] up servers big time, because people will leave when he is using the commanderhack.


Hope u can make something out of this post, because my english sentenses arent that good.



Greetz PatWed

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I never used any games' functions to ban, it's unreliable and more or less poor supported, always Punkbuster-Server.

The key to identify (and ban) a certain player is always the guid (unique, based on the CD-key), anything else - nickname, IP, Date/Time!


As a pointer: http://evenbalance.com/publications/bf2142-ad/index.htm search for PB_SV_Ban

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