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Punkbuster considers me a hacker?


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Okay, I've been searching the forum for Ban complaints and couldn't find it. If a moderator knows where to move this thread - It will be greatly appreciated.




So anyways, I'm a fairly new player. Bought battlefield 2 in August, and have accumulated about 80 hours of game time.





Tonight I was playing on Insomnia 24/7 Sharqi for about 45 mins, when all of the sudden, I get this notice on the left hand corner of my screen. It said something like "TheBlueBanana24 suspected of hacking - BAN - PUNKBUSTER,"



I'm quite familiar with the admins and jumped on teamspeak to see what's up. They told me they have no idea, and to take it up with PB.



So Punkbuster - what's the friggin DEAL?



Insomnia asked if I have any other handles, or if I've shared a CD key. I have no idea WTF that means, but the only usernames I have are TheSexyMuffin88 and my younger brothers STFUDonny.



It took me more than a week to install this game - so trust me, even If I wanted to hack I wouldn't even know where to start. I used to play Battlefield 1942 and never has this happened.




So oh glorious punkbuster, what's the fing deal? Insomnia recommended I post my guild #, but I don't know how to get it.



Also - is this like a ban from all punkbuster servers? I only play on the weekends and tomorrow I have a bunch of homework. This was like my all day BF2, and for this to happen is VERY ANNOYING. I'm very disappointed in you punkbuster. :D



Anyways, the T.S Insomnia address is



I'm very pissed off you haven't noticed.



Thanks for any response!!!!!






edit: Also, earlier today I was playing on Mashtuur Insomnia 24/7 and saw a person named Punkbuster Rick aimbotting. I said a few things to him - so perhaps that has something to do with this crap?



I don't know if he is affiliated with PB.





edit: I've been told by the admins that my handle has been associated with a known aimbotting hacker. They say a hacker was using my CD key or guild # (something that is basically ME) and hacked from there.



That's all I know for now. Please RESPOND!!! I've tolerated punkbuster and EA's B.S since day one. I've been loyal in spite of their inability to get hackers (at least the ones I deal with on a daily basis.)



Sorry for being so insulting and non-cordial, but I hope you appreciate just how @#*$(O#$* pissed off I am.




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TheBlueBanana24 suspected of hacking - BAN - PUNKBUSTER

PB never suspects anyone. Either player is cheating or he is clean. The message you stated is not valid PB message and its most likely ban issued by the server admin.

Your guid is 749c9f1f39305fa8f6ee27e76edfeac5.

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A word or two about TheBlueBanana, also known as Noobastic:


This young, troubled child’s been plaguing (and banned from) many, many forum & game servers over the years. It is strongly advised not to give this individual any attention, as he strives and feeds on every bit of it.


He is notorious for being a chronic liar, and admitted to popping numerous pills prescribed by his family shrink for his messed up mental state of being. Just to get an idea of who you’re dealing with here… this kid posted and blogged about his parents passing away… umm, except as it turned out, they didn’t die at all……



Obviously none of this has much to do with Punkbuster; same as his PB issues are apparently not caused by PB at all either, but rather by his wall glitching or whatever he’s been caught doing when the admin kicked him, again. I mean, just one quick look at his stats tells you that with less than 90 hours played, he’s already managed to be kicked out over one hundred (100) times.


Anyhow, moral of the story and this post? Take ANYTHING this kid says with a grain of salt - and I mean a BIG, ENORMOUSLY HUGE grain of salt.





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