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Add server to team account


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Hey guys we are requesting if is posible to add 2 more servers to our account.


Account id: 790

Name: TwistedMindsFoundation

Tag: |TMF|


1.- International Server


Port: 27990


2.- Soldier France


Port: 27970



Thanks guys!!. :D

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servers can be added/deleted via the "add server" feature in your team account (no post required)

If there is a problem when they are checked into the Hub you will receive a forum PM.


Both servers are added to your team account.

Both servers were not configured correctly for Hub streaming when checked into the Hub.


All it takes is a few rcon commands to initiate streaming


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Thanks buddy I add them and they should be up and running but they still are not showing me that they are streaming.


;) is not streaming please recheck your settings.


Everything else is ok.

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Hey Fozzer we removed this server: because we were having a lot of problems with it but now this server: ([TMF] XPSAVE ) doesn't want to stream and I have tried everything could you give some help please men!!.


It doesn't want to stream and I tried this at the moment:

pb_sv_writecfg pbucon.use



pb_sv_usessionlimit 2

pb_uconadd 1 pbbhub pbbhub

pb_sv_autoupdban 1

pb_sv_task 0 7200 pb_sv_ver



And nothing happened!!!


Then I tried this one also with the Rcon:



rcon_pb_sv_writecfg pbucon.use



rcon_pb_sv_task 50 3600 pb_sv_ver

rcon_pb_sv_usessionlimit 3

rcon_pb_sv_autoupdban 1

rcon_pb_sv_uconadd 1 pbbhub pbbhub




Hey men please help me out because honestly I don't know what else to do. I will appreciate a lot if you could give me a solution to get it streaming!!!.

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Thanks men I will send it to you by email and sorry to bother you but I need to fix this issue!!.


Thanks again buddy and you and the rest of the crue from PBbans are doing and amazing job.



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I am presuming that you have already checked that a blank file exists in your PB directory (pbucon.use) because without that file hub streaming will not work, I got your mail and you have a reply :)

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