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inequitable banned guy


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hello all you guys here. I want to tell you bout my friend which is playing that game so far for 2 years. He have some breaks of course but now he want to come back but he can't cause of red triangle @ yawn (guys saying hax, cheat etc.). First of all - It wasn't him and I'll try to prove it. Some guy from Oswiecim City (Poland) thinks he is cool and has played on his etpro guid (but different pb_guid & ip) and now he has gone, but he left some trails after him.


first of all that's my friend's yawn (all clear till that guy camed):



here's the ban on yawn:



and the ban on your site:



like we can see his ip is:


i did some search and i found nick, ip and steam id of that guy on that server site (I know it's cs but i doesn't really matter right now):


(his ip is in down left corner)


so i check his steam id @ cb and i found this (his account):



and here's his steam at that server:



my friend is from Katowice, not Oswiecim. I know you may say that I'm lying or something. It's no problem, I can prove it, he can install the game and come to your server or whatever you want, but please remove that triangle, it wasn't him, it was that guy called KorniK which i will be trying to get @ cb and ban him as fast as possible for that stupid childish act. Waiting for your reply, cu:P

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the problem is that he has that red triangle @ yawn so all the guys will be saying he hax etc. it's not nice to be called "cheater" and look like cheater in someone eyes, when you didn't ever touch cheats. your ban is only injuring my friend, not the guy who hax actually cause I guess he even doesn't play that game :/ like i proved in previous post. can you do something with that triangle please?

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I know that but look at this - http://forum.boozze.be/viewtopic.php?t=1124

Like we can see if the warning is removed from your site then on the next "synchronization cycle" @ yawn that triangle will disappear.


Well, I would be very thankful if you could remove that ban - http://www.pbbans.com/mbi.php?action=12&guid=98e44792

cause that was some random cs player which wanted to make some fun with cheats in ET and fucked up my mate's ETPro guid. like i said before - your ban is only injuring my friend, which is clean, not the guy who hax actually. It wasn't my friend and if you need more proofs he can connect to any ET server and show his ip or do whatever you want but please, help us:P

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This GUID was banned for cheating (unquestionable evidence is stored in our streamed pb-server logs database), the ban is valid and stays in place.

End of discussion.


What others make out of it using whatsoever unreliable gizmos like so called 'etproguid' is not our problem.

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