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clanbase config and pbsv.cfg


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we use on our war server the cb configs, but i noticed it overwrites the md5 and cvar checks from my pbsv and pbsvuser.cfg in pb directory.


how can i fix it?

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If your md5 and cvar checks are loaded from pbsv then :

do pb_sv_load pbsv.cfg via rcon after the match has started ..

cb configs clear cvar checks and md5s after every round . If you adjust the cb config it would lack the certified bit .

the above will reload the checks .

Maybe if you do that your guys wont kick my team ( team fruity ) after accusing one of our guys of wall hacking when he got a lotto kill and we then won the map ;) .

i remember hanging around to argue the rudeness of it until getting kicked myself :o

Hope this works for you . :)

Gobbo ( aka |fruity|Gr4pe )

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pb/pbsv.cfg :

pb_sv_task 90 900 pb_sv_load pbsvuser.cfg



// normal content of pb/pbsvuser.cfg :

(blah ...)


(blah ...)

pb_sv_md5tool a "" v "etpro/omgbslag.pk3" SZ0 AT0 LEN32 NOT_FOUND


// anti ClownBase.configs addition

pb_sv_cvarlogging 1

pb_sv_cvarwalk 4

pb_sv_cvarchangedpulse 20

pb_sv_cvaruserpulse 70 // or whatever you use normally

pb_sv_cvarfreq 3



this will keep Hub checking for hack-cvars ;)

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@benway: i tried the pb task, but i produced a loop and pbsvuser.cfg was loaded all the time

so i m gonna try to enable it after loading the cb config!


@gobbo: soz i havent played this match so i dont know anything about that !

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