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Incorrect Aliases?


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There are two instances now (that I know of) where we have a hack caught on our servers and one of the aliases listed is a clan member. THIS IS FALSE. Is PB screwing up the aliases and taking incorrect slot numbers or something? We have the clan tags protected on our servers via punkbuster so that only registered members can use them. Other than bans, we also have plenty of cases where we have found our names being listed as aliases but they are not the actual player. I understand someone can smurf as others but I don't think it happens as often as the aliases would suggest. If I search my own name and tags I get something like 16 hits. I only have two GUIDS and I've had the same static IP for years so I know it is definitely not me.

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I've noticed this for quite some time. I beleive what is happening is that either your clan mate has non-ASCII characters in his name or someone on the server does. If you do an alias search on my name (CEO)Damage*Inc, you will see a list of aliass' that look normal. If you do a search on a guid or name from someone with the non-ASCII or funny characters in the name you will see that they tend to "pick up" the other names that are in the server. The only way I sort them out is by IP address.

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Yes sometimes it is the acii characters for example with the E clan. Their player names appear as other players with the exception of the first character.


Now for something else along these lines. I have seen this with the name player without any ascii being used.


Also seen, from the in game server search, a player whose name rotates as fast as you can refresh the server.


I believe there is something hinky being exploited. Not all the time you see the player name faulting to the next in line but something to do with assigning names to accountability in game.


*also as a sidenote - no new mci md5 lately - that mean that nothing new is around or we are just not aware of it yet?

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Yea I remember H, and you can stop most of that on the servers by not allowing ascii in the punkbuster config.


The scrolling and slot changing though, I think you have something more happening with that.

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could we agree on the off regular keyboard ones, as everything your kb puts out is ascii? :D :D :D


J/J yea, but i was trying for the wording in the pb config ;)

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