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oh and if there is an account for this server please delete it as the last person who adminned the servers has gone now...


thanks again

It does not quite work like that Bro :)

I have added this server to the current clan team account.

Your current clan server list looks like this;

Server List
--------------------------------------------------------------- (Streaming) (Streaming) (Streaming)
I have visited your forums and see that =GK=Furious, who was the account holder is not active any more.

What I need from you is a clan representative to take over the clan team account.

Once I have that info I will make the necessary adjustments.


On a sidenote, I would just like to remind you that setting your clans servers to stream is only half the battle.

For the most up to date protection that PBBans can provide your clans server need to be running the game specific cvar/md5 scans that are available on the PBBans MCI.

Once a team account representative is appointed, he will be able to access all he needs to implement cvar/md5 scans on your clan servers here;


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User List


=GK=Simple (112454)





Helpful Links:

Account Management | Streaming & Banlist & Cvars / MD5's | PBBans Hub Flags | Master Player Index

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