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I have no idea what to do. I have got Rcon working on the server and the PBWebtool. I get the proper response from pb_sv_uconlist to say it is setup properly. But it is not streaming according to the server list in our account manager panel.

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Crysis appears to a little tempermental.

You're telling me. It isn't streaming now. Wow, I don't know what to do. At least I know that all I've done is right. It must be the game. Let's hope a patch fixes this.
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You have no idea how much I hate having to post for help asking for help but I guess even us old hands need assistance once and a while.


Here goes, I have managed to get all of my servers to stream with the exception of my Crysis & Metal of Honor Airborne servers but since this is a Crysis section I will only address that question here.


I have followed all the instructions for streaming Crysis and have done nothing different that with any of the other servers that are streaming but for some reason it still will not stream. At this point I am not sure what else to do so I have attached copies of my PB files with the exception of the "PBUCON" file becuase it will not allow me to attach it here. These are the exact files I am using less any passwords or IP specific information.


If someone could take a look at them just to see if I have made any mistakes or overlooked something I would greatly appreciate it. Also if you have a Crysis server and have managed to get it to stream, I would be most grateful for any input you wish to offer.


Thanks- Janitor




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I am still not having any luck getting Crysis to stream. Below is what I am seeing when I look at the console. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks- Tom



Posted Image

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Try joining the server. We have seen that crysis will only stream when there are players in the server.

Thanks for the reply, I noticed that late last night when a few random players had joined the server it started streaming again but now that it's empty it has stopped again. Do you have any clue why that is?


As for the Metal of Honor server, I have given up on streaming that one for now as there don't seem to be that many people playing it. Oh well I guess I can replace it with another Crysis or COD4 server or maybe another ETQW server since the 2- I have running are always packed. B)

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Crysis and PB blend together about as well as water and oil.

I've given up on PB for this game. From what I've seen in game it isn't catching anyone. It just seems to be running and that is it. I don't think it is actually doing anything.


But the real reason is Crysis runs way better for me in DX10 and 64 bit mode. The problem is PB doesn't have a 64 bit version. Why did Crytek choose Evanbalance?

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holy sh..


how much servers are u cramming on one box there.. with a 2142 server even.. damn :/


i have tried 2 bf2142 pubs on a dual xeon 3ghz with 8gb ram and even that doesnt go smoothly :/


also.. firewall your server abit better.. i can easily login to it try RDP u dont want ppl to hammer it with password guesses dont u?

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Since we have recieved a few questions on why streaming won't work I will post why.


Crysis has a bug where that if the server is empty PBUCON / Repository will not send data so if the server is empty for over a day the server gets deactivated on our end. This is a known problem and it is up to Crytek to fix it so with that said we have no ETA when it that will be.


Basicly streaming Crysis servers here is a lost cause until PBUCON is fixed. Unless you have a server that has players on it most of the time. This is why our MSi shows very little servers.

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