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PunkBuster kick - Corrupt Packet flow


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This hasn't happened to me personally yet on my server, but I've been seeing it happen to literrally 50% of players at times. It will happen between games or at the start of a new round, usually. I've told the players that this has been happening to to manually update Punkbuster at evenbalance.com, but this doesn't seem to have fixed the problem.


Is anyone else getting this since the last PB Update? Any ideas to fix this?

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We had quite a few people get kicked off of our server after the update on Friday (almost half the server). It's supposedly been fixed since then, but I saw somewhere that a firewall and/or router port blocking issue may be causing this. They suggested manually updating PB with the PBSETUP tool. Even though players may have already done this, there was a new update released on Saturday, so it's best to try it again.

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usually you have to restart your game complety & you can play again (this happend to me & 3 clanmates on friday night).....

our server is now empty for 1/2 a day, cause this F****g Kick........


here's what evenbalance told me on my trouble ticket:



11/25/2007 15:10:16 - "Hendrik Thole"

Note #2: We are aware of the issue and hope to have an update out to resolve it soon.




wich really means: "WE DONT'T HAVE ANY IDEA ABOUT THIS KICK!!!!!".........


in bf 2 had been so much trouble in the last couple of weeks about punkbuster (since pnkbstr a&B) soi hope that this issue will not be the end for bf2...........


it seems to me, that evenbalance is now suporting too much games, and they cant fully konzentrate on their supported games......what's your opinion??

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Latest update on www.evenbalance.com:


Tuesday 11.27.2007 [4:15PM]


Version 1.479 of the PB Server for BF2 has been released to our PB Master Servers for auto-update and to our website download page. This is a maintenance release.


Monday 11.26.2007 [5:30PM]


Version 1.471 of the PB Server for BF2 has been released to our PB Master Servers for auto-update and to our website download page. This version addresses incorrect restriction kicking for "Corrupt Packet Flow" during map changes.




Hope the problem is solved !!!! Haven't tried it on my own so far....

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The problem could be related to the amount of "wait time" between screen shots in your config, as well as what a given player's network settings are at.


Players also have the ability to set wait times on their end, via their own personal pb settings, should they want to do a bit of research, sadly, most of them don't. It's all on the evenbalance website, though, and reading is for free, and the time you're willing to put into it. It's different per-game, so I don't personally want to sit here and explain all of that.

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