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Looking for some help

=DaM= Gunner

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Hello all,


Newly registered here. I need some help. I'm an old fart, and over the past year me and a bunch of other old farts have started soemthing. We began a clan playing BF2 and we jokingly called it the Dam Clan, Dam staniding for DaDs and Moms over 40. Well it has grown to a hundred members, with a lot of the wives and daughters in there, two ranked servers as well as an AIX server. The servers stay packed in the evenings and along with this came the hackers.


So a while back I got us signed up with punksbusted, and that seemed to help a little bit, but, for the past week our game machine has been choked trying to downlaod the MBL and I cannot even connect to the website. Don't know what's up, but I know that in searching for some information about them, I found you guys. You seem to interact a lot with the members. I'd like to make the switch over to you folks if you'll have us, we run a clean game, hate hackers and ban then as soon as we find them.


If we can sign up, I'm may be a bit pesty at first trying to figure out how to get the pb configs rid of punksbusted, ( nothing against those folks, I appreciate thier efforts ) I'm a general contractor, and an Elected official, know enough about computers to get in trouble, I just like the tone here a little better.


There it is, in all it's glory, how do I make an application?

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Theres not many older farts than me about in the online gaming scene =DaM= Gunner :)

Welcome aboard, please dont hesitate to post up if you come across anything that you dont understand, we see a lot of puzzled posts when someone makes the switch from the old rep. method of streaming to the modern alternative that is pioneered here, I hope you will be just as amazed as we were when testing it, how efficient/easy to set up/feature packed the PBBans Hub is.

Its a truly "live", as it happens, real time streaming initiative.

Our coders are not the type of guys that are prepared to sit back and admire their handywork, so its always best practise to pop in on a daily basis just to check things out :) and as always, there is a wealth of experience re server administration problem solving etc in our private sections, from both the PBBans staff and our regular streaming game admins.

One of our main aims is to take the hard work out of streaming and give our SGA's the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that their server(s) are as well protected as humanly possible.

The PBBans Hub has allowed us to achieve that aim in a huge way, as your about to discover.


On a sidenote, it seems atm that psb are experiencing some technical difficulties with their site and streaming facilities.

When they are back up and running there is no reason that you cant stream to both sites, its entirely a choice thing. :)

The one thing I am certain of is that when you get a taste of the PBBans Hub you will not be disappointed with it.

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Well you are correct. My account was setup in less than an hour and within 10 minutes both of the ranked servers were and are streaming, I'm having a little problem with the custom map server, but this is indeed fantastic. Thanks so much for your hard work in what you have done, it really is a pleasure.

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