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Need help with ReFrag


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I'm trying to make a sof2 movie, and i'm using refrag because of all its features. However, when you kill someone it comes up with the 'spreemsg', the person you killed, and the weapon used. I do not want any of this, i only want the HeaDShoT message. so i change the 'rf_fragtext' to 'rf_fragtext /scale/0.55/space/10/text/[headshot]' so it should only say HeaDShoT, except it doesnt say HeaDShoT when i get headshots! In some demos it does work, but most of the time its not, and its really annoying. I watched the same demo in OSP, and default SoF2 and it was fine, but in ReFrag it does not say HeaDShoT. can some1 please help me?

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The trouble is that infrequent doesn't look at his forum much these days.


I'm sorry if this sounds like a plug but he does visit my SOF2 message board regularly so if you posted there he would most likely reply. http://www.sofplayers.co.uk/


Have a look through the posts and you will see infrequent is a regular visitor.

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