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Kicked for no reason


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I'm 52niner I play AAO on the same server everday like clockwork. I've played AAO for a longtime and welcome a program such as PB.


My issue is while playing last night for some reason I cannot explain PB permanently banned me from all servers.


I had typed nothing in the console , did not induce a cheat in any manner , have never cheated , don't plan on cheating and I think that somehow this is all a big mistake.


I was wondering the process or steps I need to take from here to appeal my decision.


I've talked with the server admins of the server I play on everdyday and the players of the clan that I play with. (although I am not in the clan) And all are willing to make a post in my defense. I have never cheated and have played to long to even consider it , that and in the matter its just plain stupid. I hope this situation can be resolved and request any further actions that I need to take along with any information that I may need to provide .


Thank You 52niner

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Also this server was at the time and previously expiriencing alot of MD5 mismatch problems and PB webupdate issues if this could be a cause of my problem just to inform you Thank You

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If you know the server admins, can't they remove the ban themselves? Although, if it's a global ban, I think your only option is to approach EvenBalance directly with your GUID number probably and see what they have to say. Maybe it's a known bug from a vid driver or something & the ban is bogus...

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If he reentered his CD Key and now it is not coming up as a PB Global Ban, it should be fine. It has been described as a known glitch, and if it was an actual PB Global Ban, reentering the CD Key would not have allowed him to get on since the Ban would have still been in place via Even Balance.

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