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r_picmap settings


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Just a heads up, and yes, I do realize I can alter the setting within the pbsv.cfg file to allow the range, currently the default is pb_sv_cvar "r_picmip" IN 0 2


I made some alterations from within the game's options that sets picmap to 3. In the game, if you change the texture quality to "manual" and turn all the new settings that come up to low, the result is a setting of 3 and the ensuing warnings. I'm not sure if the range can go much higher via game-side alterations, as I have not found anything higher than 3, as yet, that can be done without manually altering the config in wordpad or something like it.


Default should be at least IN 0 3, though, for the pbsv.cfg file.

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[11.27.2007 19:20:14] VIOLATION (CVAR) #9001: NAME #17) Cvar r_picmip = 3 [NUMBER(VALID) IP]


I also have a member have this due to his poor pc he as lowered settings down, can i fix this plz and how if so

also is it ok to fix this its not a tweak hax or anything is it lol



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just limit the line to IN 0 3 instead of IN 0 2 and you'll be fine.


It still needs a range, and as stated above, the setting can open some doors to current known hacks. No point in removing the line altogether, but at least increase it to in-game setting values.


Other settings that are also openned will manifest themselves, between the hacks and what the game does via in-game settings, as time goes on, and a more refined system will come of it.


It's better to take the err of a side of caution, rather than open a door to more hacking, imo.


I just changed the setting to allow what the game allowed, and would not personally recommend anything else, perhaps my humble opinion on things, but it was an In-game option that allowed that setting, rather than a manual edit of my config. Anything that the actual game allows for options need to be allowed, or the game has to limit them.


As far as cheat detection goes, I'll let the experts do their part there, and post their findings on that issue via the config. I'll only post an error such as this when the game itself says different, for stock option edits within the game itself.

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