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SERVER: What is the Overload if PB enabled ?


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Just for fun, I own a server @home (ET255-patch101+JayMod217+OmniBot066) with max 10 bots and total of 30 slots.


Without PB, the server is fluid, and I even can join the game on the same PC without lagg (for me or other players : I just ask them)


When I enable PB, then join game, I feel there is a lot of lagg.


PB is updated for my server and my client to the latest version of PB.


My PC is quite old (but remember all runs fluid without PB):

- Celeron Tualatin 1400MHz

- 512 Mo RAM

- ADSL with 120 kBytes/s in UPLOAD (verified)


So is there any system requirements about the overload of PB or do I encounter another problem ?


Thanks for your help.

$mart, leader of a bot's team ;)

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Rent a server from a game server provider and spot the difference. :)

:D or a Core2 Duo & fiber-channel ...


thx - when following the link Punkbuster, I found this FAQ

http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=faq-rtcw.php : many clues : Norton antivirus, lower priority in TaskManager for ET.exe, etc ... many tries to do




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