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Viol 70519 Bans Removed (BF2)


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Tuesday 12.18.2007 [10:45AM]


We have confirmed that non-cheat software caused some of the kicks for Violation #70519. We encourage admins to give players the benefit of the doubt and ignore this violation number; it has been removed from our system.

11 Battlefield 2 Bans have been removed from the MBI and unban commands sent out for hub streaming servers.

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Cool. I'll update my banlist.

You do realise that checking the "enforce bans" option via your team account gives a fair few advantages;


1. The Hub checks every connecting player to your server and if that player is on the MBI he gets kicked. (the Hub is self updating so players will be prevented from entering your server as and when they appear on the MBI)


2. The Hub checks every player and not the server, so saving server resources. (very useful if your pbbans.dat has 1000's of bans in it)


3. You do not need to download/update the PBBans banlist, ever.


4. If a server admin inadvertently empties the banlist, players on the MBI will still be prevented from joining your server.


5. Because no intergration of banlists is needed, it leaves you completely free to do what you want with your pbbans.dat (i.e. configure it for psb's ambl use)

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