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problem geting kickd

judge dead

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im geting kickd from 2142 servers for this errror:


RESTRICTION: Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrB.exe driver failure (PnkBstrK.sys) ffab


its anoying as hell ive updated pb - still got it


deleted pb then instaled it with pb setup thing - still got error


unstialed game then reinstaled - still got error....


is this a pb fault caz ive done everything at my side it could of been...

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i have pretty much the same problem, i join a game and bout 5 seconds in:

PB IMPORTANT RESTRICTION: Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrA.exe

and i get kicked with a blank punkbuster message.

i have done everything nearly,

i have reinstalled the game and downloaded the patches again,

i have enabled all access punkbuster a and b to the internet on both my windows firewall and my independent security service,

i have fixed the cdkey and added x9392 into the most left side of the code,

i have also downloaded and installed pbsetup and have updated 2142 and still 2142 will not work when i join a game,

i fear my punkbuster a file has been damaged somehow, if so can i download the same file from ea or evenbalance?is there another way to fix this problem?


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well iv fixd something now at least, i have traded 1 problem 4 another now i get

PB IMPORTANT RESTRICTION: Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrB Handshaking failed or somthin like that

I fiddled around with my firewalls n granted punkbusterB all access but as i tried to grant access i got a message in a different window under Program Permissions saying

A rule for this program exists. please update the existing rule.

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