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Ok it has been brought to my attention that I was listed on pbbans for cheating? I want to know what I can do if anything to get this fixed? This is a link to what pbbans is saying:




Is it possible that someone was able to get my guid and use it? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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ok this is really weird, i just joined a server to check my guid and the guid that is listed doesn't match the one I posted? This one I ran through pb and it said it was a clean guid? This is driving me crazy.

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Some guy may have just used the same name, if the GUID is not yours don't worry about it.

If you wish you can also check the ip to yours. The bans run only on GUID, it's the best way to be sure it's the same person. B)

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Is this leading anywhere ?

Post up your pbguid and I'll tell you if any of the above is relevant to PBBans.



What I see thats ET related and PBBans relevant;




Alias(s) (25) IP Address(s) (1)


The guid is clean.


The IP on the ban you originally queried is of the Netherlands origin.

Your IP is of U.S.A. origin.

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What I am saying is that based on the information I have had to dig up myself, the 1 pbguid linked to you is clean on the PBBans MPI.


Who is your accuser ?

Who brought your attention to a ban that is on a player from the Netherlands ?

Whats your current pbguid ?

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accusor is a old clan mate, that says he's trying to inform me of the situation. I'm still waiting for him to get me some more information on what he is finding, but from what I can see all my stuff checks out.


not sure where the netherlands guid came from.


my current guid is the one you posted up top with the last digits of 934.



Thanks for the help and once I get some more information I will post.

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make sure that you were actually connected to a server running punkbuster , and that it had scanned you before doing "/pb_myguid" to get your 32char guid ,, otherwise i think that you could get the wrong guid from what i am lead to believe.

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