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Saving Screenshots to remote site

=DaM= Gunner

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Hello, Hope this is the proper forum for this. Isn't there a way to have a BF2 server auto save the screenshots to a remote website?

Yes, with the PB_SV_SsCmd command. Put a file name in there and the file will be called each time a screenshot is saved.


I don't know of a script for it though, except for the Linux one that foxdie posted: http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?s=&...ost&p=57361

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really - I was under the impression this created a local file but there was no way of transferring it to a REMOTE site?

You could create a cron job / scheduled task to download the svss folder to your remote web server, but that would probably be a bandwidth hog.
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You can do whatever you can manage to put in the code of the script. I suppose if you have PHP on your server you could manage the screenshots very extensively and even create an entire database on another site for it.

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