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PnkbstrB.exe Problem!


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hi well i think i someone blocked access to the internet for my pnkbstrB.exe when im in game it kicks me because it says it is NOT initializing.



if anyone knows what to do plz help :)





I have nortan and i try to put it on a "Allow List" but that didint work


ohh and im having this problem in "Americas Army 2.8.1, 2.8.2 , and even 2.6 it keeps saying my stupid exe is not initializing

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first i would try a complete reinstall of all pb files

if that doesnt work then i would go to the entire game its self


kinda sucks to have to reinstall AA but I have a feeling thats hat it will take.


Also if this continues after all that, then its either a PB issue or a computer issue.


Thus if it is the later then you would have to figure out if it is a software issue or a hardware issue.

Both of which have their own challanges in finding and fixing.


also try getting rid of norton, its not all that great.

you can get better stuff for free.

I use Zone Alarm and AVG free edition.

both are free and are much better than norton.

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alright thx, you know where i could get the pb installer? i went to even balance and downloaded the pbsetup.exe but that just opens what i already got installed


im pretty sure (but dont quote me ) that u have to delete the files in your pb folder then run pbsetupto get it to reinstall everything over



EDIT... oops im sry didn't see the guy above me already said this way to mess up my first post huh :(

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