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Hi Guys


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Hi Guys


I have been forwarded to your site and thought I would stop by and say hello.


I am the leader of Elite Shooters UK (www.es-uk.co.uk) and work closely with another anticheat organisation that put circumventers onto a public banlist.


Do any of your busts end up on the MBL or is it just contained within this group.


The reason I ask this is that one of my members witnessed a blatent cheater using a retlock and I found him on your banlist. Looking at the PsB repository his GUID is clean?


If this is the case then would it be a fair assumption that the checks from this group is stronger than PsB ??

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Well, ES-Phoenix, it seems that you have been a member at PsB for a long time.

Definitely long enough to already know the answers to your questions here.

What's the point of this post?

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Thx for all your responses


Reason for this post was that I am new to this organisation and simply asked for some input as to the way things were.


Yes I have been a member at PsB for a long time and was also one of the first members over at RA before leaving that organisation.


I am here as a clan admin looking to keep my COD4 servers as clean as possible.


I work hard in the AC group I am with to keep the circumventers away from servers and am always on the lookout for extra tools.


My post was not intended to advertise or offend anyone here I am just a concerned admin wanting a clean server.


I currently run the AUTOMBL software and use all of PsB`s checks and take them at face value. I see that your checks are picking things up PsB ain`t which makes any clan leaders interested .. :D

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