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Does Automatic screenshots cause the server to lag??


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Our EU server is lagging and our gsp (gameservers ) is saying that it is due to an issue with Auto PBSS's and CoD 2 /4 ?? Is this a well known issue with all CoD 4 servers or are we just being given a sub par server that is already maxed out?? I have googled it but have not been able to come up with anyone supporting our argument.


All help would be much appreciated.

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I've got them turned on on my COD4 server with no issues. You may want to increase the time-limit between screen shots and see if that helps any. Some server hosts do tax their boxes and if you're located on such, you may find they do cause issues such as players not being able to move or random server reboots if hardware is really pushed to it's max, but that would be a server-host issue at that point.

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The short answer is "no", no it does not.


It's very sad, but sometimes it's easier for a hoster to blame you or something your doing than admit that their hosting you for full price but providing sub-par service.


There are a few settings that might help to reduce your latency issues. Check your settings next to mine and see if maybe there are a few tweaks that might help.




Beyond those, it could be a provider issue as RoadWarrior mentions above.

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I have had issues in the past with major lag for cod2, not sure what the problem was, check the console and see what it is doing, i had lag and was unsure what the problem, i watched the server and saw it was bad ss's coming back from some players, it mihgt have been my config settings but i turned them off anyways, if i suspect a player i do manual ss's from that player

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