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r_polygonOffsetBias =


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It's not a cheat, just a recommended cvar check. You don't have to run it if you don't want to.


As for what it does, a person who plays COD 4 will need to answer that for you.

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I posted this link in a different thread yesterday, but in case you did not see it I'll post again




Best way to test these settings is by starting a local server and using them, if you only play with stock settings and forget to change one back, you won't get banned, only kicked ;)


Most stock cvars are changed by changing options on the main menu, like texture detail


Polygon settings, however, are not. These have to be manually changed, so if someone is getting kicked from your server for this they do know why and they do know how to change it!!!


If they can't play without these setting then imo they are the kind of player you should laugh about and not worry about them being kicked from your server anyway (usually wannabe pro gamers haha)

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