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I wonder if anyone could help me...


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I keep getting kicked from servers with PunkBuster and when I get kicked it says "PunkBuster kicked Aces for 2mins for (Ignoring Queries) #9006"


I'm a big fan of PunkBuster, I have a PB updater installed ready to use, I've used it many times, just to check for updates etc


I've never seen this message before or even heard of it, so of course I dont know how to fix it or solve it.


I'm upto date with PunkBuster, so again, I have no clue :(


It would be a real help because I play CoD4 alot and really don't want to quit it :unsure:


Thank you for your support and keep up the good work :D






- Aces

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I have a couple of questions.


What type of internet connection do you have? Secondly, are you using a wireless router and wireless card? This sort of issue is common with people who play on laptops set up this way. Try moving closer to your router, or plugging into it directly with a cable from your NIC to the router, and by-pass the wireless altogether if that's the case.


Alternately, open your console and enter in /cl_maxpackets and a number from 35 to 100, you may want to try a few different numbers here between that range, and see if your problem goes away, or at least improves a bit.

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I do have a router yes, I have a laptop but not played on by me. My router is down stairs next to my fathers computer which is about 10 yards from my room lol.


I will try the console thing and see if that is any help ;)

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What's your operating system? XP/vista


Also what anti-virus and firewall?


These are where I would start, but tell us what you have and we can make suggestions as to what to try next

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Wireless would be the bigger issue, here. Wireless cards tend to overheat, and thus start to lag out. They've never really been a good gamer's option when it comes to type of connection. Distance plays a big role in this issue as well. This is why I suggested plugging into it directly, to test if the problem goes away or not.

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error (ignoring Queries) #9006

What happening is Pb is not updating properly.Or for some reason its not updating .To fix it

Go to PB webite click on support ,then click COD4 pb support then click Software Updates: Download.

Download your oprating system file (for me it was pb client win 32 )

make sure you install it in your COD4 PB FOLDER .

PROBLEM fixed .No more error 9006.

Hope this helps, it fixed this problem earlier

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