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Clean section?? - What does it mean?


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I'm sorry if this thread was somewhere else.


Just wanted to ask you what does this in "clean" section mean??:


Posted Image


Does this mean that a player was cheating but was cleared of accusations? If he wasnt, why there are 2 reasuts found and why i cannot access them??


I also checked players that I play every day with and I know that they dont cheat - they dont have anything written under their name (they dont have this "clean" section):


Posted Image


Could someone please explain what this means??

Thanks a lot

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1.) A Clean GUID is a GUID that has not been caught cheating (yet ? :P)

You cannot access clean GUIDs information as you are not a Streaming Game Admin (SGA). Which means you don't actively stream to us atm.


2.) This means this alias was not found in our player database.

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I have redone the alias search display, should show no results found now.


You must be streaming to PBBans to see data for clean players.

Hi May, can you answer 1 other same topic ? for me ? On the MBI , if a player plays say CoD4 and SoF2 and gets a ban from 1 but not the other,,can you show in the MBI he was banned from cheating on atleast 1 game in the future,,,,atleast thats a heads up the guy has a past record of cheating. Thanks bud

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Don't you kinda get that by clicking on the linked tick box, which then tries to match against ip's

As a streaming admin yes I used to be able to do that..as a regular player no, all i see is ip's\alias's for the ban in question...i was just wondering if somehow a player gets banned from 1 game it would show up on the mbi if he\she gets rebanned at another game afterwards and state that he\she was busted also at game a or b ect.....

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Question? What if the person has 3 alias found on PBBANS, but only one comes up in battlelog? I suspect they are keeping a low profile, however shouldn't the PBBANS found alias also be found on Battlelog?



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