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PBBans Accuracy?


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I'm a senior admin for a BF2 clan that utilizes streaming PBBans. Since PBBans has been operating, has anyone made an attempt to figure out the "false-positive" rate for streaming bans (i.e., the rate of persons banned who were later taken off the ban list)?

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If you are trying to compare the total bans versus the bans that were lifted by receiving information from EvenBalance.....you would be talking minimal stats.


Why isn't your server streaming to PBBans?

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quick stats made by me! 99.98% of the Bans placed on pbbans are authentic/legit bans 0.01% are lifted bans due to EvenBalance stateing that it was an error on their end (fale positives/whatever) the other 0.01% are appeals that were granted based on the proof provided by the complaintent and or w/ evenbalance support.


so to sum it up as bob said.. Minimal at the best!

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Thanks for the input from both of you. I was concerned about the false error rate because PB continues to kick occasionally, as when the PB files are not properly updated by the game engine.


Bob, as far as I know, our servers do in fact stream PBBans. Did you see an error with our streaming?

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PB will only kick for 2 minutes if the files are not up to date. There are various other reasons for pb-kicks as well, but these are not bannable offences. Things like communication errors, which are generally just connectivity issues on the player's end of things, etc. An error-kick will not get you placed on the MBI/MBL.

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