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Tweaking Configs


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Hey Guys


Now I am really not a fan of tweaking and always leave files as they should be, if it runs crap then upgrade has always been my philosophy. I can remember way back when RvS came out there were loads of tweak guides that then became illegal in Clanbase and players were getting 3 month bans.


Anyway back to my question, there is a lag tweak for COD4 that people are raving about and some of my members have asked me whether or not it is a legal tweak. My immediate reaction was DO NOT TOUCH ANY FILES !!!


But looking at the settings it seems to be like a netspeed setting and need your advice. Not everyone can afford top spec systems or fast internet.


Here are 2 lines from my mp config that the guide tells you to change depending on your FPS ..


seta cl_maxpackets "30"

seta com_maxfps "85"


Some input would be highly appreciated, I still say leave well alone and leave things as they are, that way there is no problems in the future !!!

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In your game's console you can enter /cl_maxpackets and a number between 35 and 100. Play with it a bit, as the results vary per person, internet connection and hardware.


Also in console, type /cg_drawfps 1 or simple to put the fps-counter on the top right of your screen. Now take a good look at what your most stable frame-rate is and enter into the console /com_maxfps and that number. By default the pbbans.cfg's have fps limited to Out 43 meaning your base-line fps number will start at 44, so choose a number between 44 and 100 depending on your hardware. These are not cheats, they're commonly used settings to help improve the performance of older hardware.

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But looking at the settings it seems to be like a netspeed setting and need your advice. Not everyone can afford top spec systems or fast internet.


seta cl_maxpackets "30"

seta com_maxfps "85"

You can pump 3k$ in hardware and connection and still be a laggy bastard if you stay with game defaults just for the sake of it ...

For some odd reason the game uses cl_maxpackets 30 by default, reckon the devs threw in a 1337 quake3 setup from 1998 :S

The only pro of 30 might be it makes your ping "look" better - rumors, waste of time to reseach really

As you can find, 30 is a proper setting for a really fast internet ... at the standards from 1998 >click + scroll to bottom


Recommended for y2k connections (DSL/cable) is 60-100, to find a decent value for your environment enable the Lagometer (random link), rule of thumb: green+blue is good, yellow+red is crap (either bad connection to server or your network cvars need adjustment!)


/cg_drawLagometer 1 resp. seta cg_drawLagometer "1" ... remark: most other games use cg_lagometer


seta cl_maxpackets "100" // 60-100

seta cl_packetdup "0" // sending 'packets' twice is a relic

seta snaps "20" // 20 OR 40

seta rate "25000" // 10000-25000


in case you get yellow in lagometer (likely) try to lower cl_maxpackets to e.g. 75-85 then rate e.g. to 20000

re snaps: the only settings that make sense are 20 and 40 (40 is controversal, i.e. questionabe it is really better, from my experience 20 is smoother on crowded servers with temp lag)


Personally i always would try to turn so called "antilag" and "prediction" off, (g_antilag 0 and cg_predictItems 0) imo this is always just a well meant attempt to "heal" a amendable setup (see above, "30" xD ) and rather screws up gameplay.



com_maxfps "value" ... depends on hardware. A "value" only makes sense if you can get (cg_drawFPS) more or less constant "value" FPS

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i always would try to turn so called "antilag" and "prediction" off

Unfortunatley antilag=0 is no longer an option in a ranked server, it's forced to ON at every map load. You have to run a modded server to use it. Let's hope that I/W listen to the admin complaints in their forum, and give us back the option ......... :angry:

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