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hi, i was 'caugt' cheatin! of course withouth my knowledge. I have opend a troubelticket at punkbuster, Wouter tromp said to me i should appeal my ban at pbbans.com or punksbusted.com! Now the problem is, that when i press the button "appeal ban", it gives an error, he cant open the page. It gives HTTP error 404. Then i try to connect to punksbusted, but that sited doesnt react at all. I cant connect to it. I've been tryin now for several days, could you please help


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The appeal a ban feature is offline till the servers are relocated in the new datacenter.


What Wouter Tromp told you is true enough but not the full story.

The only bans that are made by EvenBalance are globalguid/hardware bans.

All other bans are made by the server admin/anti cheat site if a banable violation is detected.

According to yawn.be you were detected with AIMBOT #50051 which is a PunkBuster

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