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Dual server messages


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I just got my server set up with you guys so it is steaming and stuff but now I am getting a small problem and I cant figure out how to stop it ( scratches head LOL) Anyway before I set our server up to strem with you I had some server messages set up in the pb folder of our COD 4 server. ( file name pbsvmessages ) Only now it double broadcasts for me. So I am getting too identical messages being posted at the same time. Does anyone know what I need to do to fix this????

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well I checked for that but I cant find anything but that dont mean it aint there. Any ideas as to where I should look or check. I was thinking about just deleting the original file and see it that fixes it or just stops all the messages all together. If that stops it I will just leave it but if it stops it all together then placing the file back in and see what happens.

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- Check your pbsv.cfg for a double entry of pb_sv_load pbsvmessages.cfg ( I'm assuming the file is a .cfg ).

- Check your pbsv.cfg for an entry of pb_sv_load someothermessages.cfg

- Check your pbsv.cfg to make sure your not running your messages there AND from your pbsvmessages.cfg.


- Check your pbsvmessages.cfg, make sure you have pb_sv_TaskEmpty

- Check your pbsvmessages.cfg, make sure you don't have them doubled up.


- Check the server's PB folder and ensure there is only 1 pbsvmessages.cfg

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Ok thanks very much with your help I figured it out. I had to remove this comand "pb_sv_load pbsvuser.cfg" from the "Exec Configs" section located at the very bottom section of the "pbsv.cfg" that I downloaded and installed from your site when I was setting up the PPBan streaming. Once I removed that and restarted the server everything was back to normal.


Thanks again to =GG= RocknRoll for showing me what I was looking for that really helped me narrow my search ;)

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