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PunkBuster using before banning ...


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I've finally managed a @home server, running very fine, but without PB.


After having studied: ET docs, OmniBot docs, JayMod docs, I must now study PunkBuster docs ...


As I just begin with PB, I must configure itself before thinking of automatic PBBans streaming.


So my question is just: Where can I download a doc with the list of all CVAR implicated in PB ?


For info, my PB is up-todate : PunkBuster Server (v1.640 | A1382 C2.042) Enabled


Thanks in advance


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/rcon pb_sv_help will show you most of the PB settings available.


Also see PunkBuster commands and settings.


By the way, you can't stream a home hosted server to PBBans. See ToS 1.1:


BBans will only allow streaming from dedicated servers and not from LAN or personal computers.


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Thx BlackWolf for the link, all is clearly documented.


Concerning Bans, it doesn't matter for the moment, I just want to bust cheaters from my server.


Bye Fraggers !

Yea, whatever you do, don't tell anyone you run a successful server from your house.
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