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pb_sv_plist not listing in console


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Start with opening the console and entering /rcon_password "yourpasswordhere" , hit enter, and then use the commands. You're likely just not logged into rcon from within the server itself.

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So using the Power Points feature of punkbuster where I have PB_SV_RList commands set and players showing in PB_SV_PowerList, how do people access these commands without knowing the rcon password? Do they still type /rcon pb_sv_kick or /rcon map mp_cargoship?


[slot #] [Min. Power] [command]

1 [ 50] pb_sv_ban

2 [ 50] map

4 [ 50] pb_sv_unban

5 [ 25] PB_SV_PList

6 [ 25] PB_SV_Kick

7 [ 25] PB_SV_GetSs

8 [ 25] status

9 [ 50] map_rotate

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Using PB rcon does not return results back to the client. Thus you can't do a pb_sv_plist using pbrcon.


If you are trying to find out a slot number then just use pb_plist.


=S.A.S= Firestorm

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they should use the pb_rcon command ;)

PB_RCon [server command]

Allows players with suffecient Power Points to issue server commands that the admin has allowed. Example pb_rcon pb_sv_kick Player

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The command is




to issue PB admin commands to the server it's

/rcon pb_sv_kick <slot> <time> <reason for kick> (/rcon pb_sv_kick 2 1 kicking for clan)

same to ban

/rcon pb_sv_ban <slot> <reason for kick> (/rcon pb_sv_ban 2 banning for TK's)

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