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Newbie questions


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O.k. newbie questions ... runaway :P


Last weekend i thought i followed setting up instructions via a forum post ... dont think it worked, as the instructions seem to different from them ... maybe i accidently found some old ones ... :rolleyes:


So tonight i started the rcon instrcutions and and followed the fpt from http://www.pbbans.com/information.php?page=hubguide#ftp


So i guess it would be a bit before it says streaming on the server check ... On one of the post i read tonight, it said pm server details / password via link which never followed up and error post not found ... i have read loads of diff forums and that and blurred eye'd ... and losing patients (not cause of pbbans by the way)


1st Daft Question ... am I suppose to do a pm ? with server/ftp account to my gameserver i rent


2nd Daft Question ... am I suppose to update the server.cfg with those commands or will PB remember when a server restart is required ?


(Game is COD4)

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Start with the account application.


The only server info we need is your server's IP/port. FTP information is yours alone.


The rcon commands force certain configs to be written to your server's pb folder, and thus the settings will be remembered once pb is restarted.

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