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Can you tell em what this means


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Can you tell me what this means?


Punkbuster Client: Removing "Name witheld for now" (Global Punkbuster GUID BAN "GUID witheld for now"


Is this eveidence that this person was using a hack?

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seems to me he just received a global ban.

I might be mistaken so wait for other suggestions.


if he indeed received a global ban it means he tried to block/circumvent pb checking system. which equals cheating :)

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Don't be too hasty! There have been false kicks for this in the past.


Get him to re-enter his CD key and re-join. That has fixed this for people in the past.


If it does fix the issue then check your logs and make sure he has the same GUID he had before, if not then it may be he was either using a leaked CD key or had some kind of cheat.


I mentioned this in the "ANNOUNCEMENT" above this post cleverly entitled "(GLOBAL BAN) ?"



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