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pb_sv_SsCeiling 999999


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I have this in my pb.cfg

pb_sv_SsFloor 1
pb_sv_SsCeiling 999999

but its randomly starting again a 000001 and its not goint till 999999


last switch back to 000001 was at






what can i do to "use" all 999999 nummers?

is there something wrong with my settings? are this to settings related with something maybe missing in my cfg?

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PB_SV_LogCeiling [Number]

The highest serial number (default is 1000) that PunkBuster will use in numbering its log files before starting over at 1


Snipped from http://www.evenbalance.com/publications/co...ex.htm#settings


You can only go so high before the counter starts over again.


The same settings regarding ss apply to all games, as far as I know, but checking directly at evenbalance.com per your game specifically may shed some different information on the exact perameters for it.

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pb_sv_SsCeiling: I have mine set at "10000" ( ten thousand ). Works great.


PB_SV_LogCeiling I don't even have that in my config. Works great.

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