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New COD4 Ladder -- Clean Games only





On behalf of the CQC leaders, CQC is happy to announce that the COD4 ladders will go live on Saturday January 26th, 2008. CQC clans can join the ladder at that time. We will also be holding the first offical COD4 CQC scrim as well that night at 9.30pm EST on the CQC League TeamSpeak. For further information on the COD4 CQC Scrim, please see DA|Buddaden, as he will be heading up the event. If you are not already in CQC and are interested in joining CQC please read the forums for further details on how to apply. Please do not view anything that is posted before this time to be considered final. CQC Leaders are diligently working out final rules/bugs to get the COD4 ladder off and running as quickly and as smoothly as possible the first time. A COD4 GUID field will be implemented on the ladder section. Existing ladder members, make close note to the following: You will have intill February 29th, 2008 at 11:59pm to enter your GUID for COD4. After that time/date please see your leader to have them make a request to the webmaster for changes as it will be locked out for changes. New users, please continue the standard new player registration process as per your CQC Clan leaders' instructions.


Again, Welcome all to CQC as we move into the COD4 phase. Welcome and on behalf of the CQC Leaders:



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Looking at CQC rules and regulations I see that all servers require mandatory streaming to psb, does this mean that PBBans streamers will not be allowed to play in CQC ladders.


Please do not view anything that is posted before this time to be considered final.

Maybe the rule should read;

Streaming to a reputable anti cheat site is mandatory.


Dual streaming has been available for quite some time and does not cause any lag etc


CQC rules and regulations.

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yeah the rules were made quite a long time ago and just need to be updated, at the time psb was more known in the Raven Shield community.. CQC just opened up the CoD ladder moving away from RvS


Yes this is being updated... please disregard that portion... as stated in the official announcement... we are still working out our bugs as this is our first go round with a COD game as the community we currently have were all old school rvs'ers ... but of course PBBans is as good if not better (that was for you bob :lol: ) than PsB!

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Everyone please check out the new CQC Site... it is 90% completed... there is a new flash intro and new IPB forums. We will be creating a new flash homepage and linking the ladder system up by the end of the week. CQC will be opening its doors for new COD4 clans asap... Please get your clans over to the site for the cleanest gaming ladder in the community.

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due to delays in coding the finished site was pushed back however again its almost complete -- we're beta testing it and should be live before monday... hope to see some new faces

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