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For the initial question, it can happen bog-standard cvars/values are listed from a pb_sv_cvarchanged, as the particular one is set to (the C locked) default it can be ignored, noth to worry about.


now is it a part of a cheat?

No. it's a (cheat locked) GAMEDVAR, part of the underlying primal game-engine.



r_znear (Variable) (C*)

syntax: r_znear [distance in map units] Default: 4

Sets the point from the player view origin that the game will set the near z-clipping plane and begin drawing the world.

If set to less than 1 none of the world will be drawn.

console: /dvarlist



* CVar/DVar attributes


S ... ServerInfo attribute

R ... Read Only attribute

A ... Archive attribute (user-/server-/mod- ... set/changed)

L ... Latched

C ... Cheat protected

I ... Initializing

U ... UserInfo



quick search in Google shows it has to do with Depth perception

for usable results go back to the roots, i.e. search q3 / quake3 ;)
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