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How do i know??


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Hi hopefully someone can help, Now i have checked to see if the servers streaming and apparently it is, But i dont think its working properly, i mean we have some very dodgy people in the server and you can tell with instant snaps that there's something not right. Im sure ive got the files setup right otherwise it wouldnt say the server is streaming,


1. Can i get an actual copy of the files needed.

2. Can i get the correct codes thats meant to be there.


You can check the server if you wish, , Just seems weird that it doesnt seem to read into cvars as no one is ever kicked for bad cvars ;)

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1. Default configuration files for streaming are available there : http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?aut...&showfile=6

2. And CVARs / MD5 config files (if that's what you meant) are available on the MCI : http://www.pbbans.com/mci.php


I see that your server hasn't any flags checked.

I advise you to check Enforce Bans, so you won't have to worry about banlist updates.

Also, make a first time update with the MCI files, and check CVAR & MD5 AutoUpdates in your server flags.

This way your CVAR & MD5 configuration files will stay up to date everytime a PBBans admin updates the MCI.

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Okay downloaded both losts uploaded 3 files in total




So should this fix the issue now these have been uploaded and restarted?

Your server is streaming so np there.

If you follow this simple guide your server will be running the very latest cvar/md5 scans for your particular game genre;


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