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Just wondering..


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Well I just got my server to finally start streaming today and I am looking through my logs and I see this:


[02.29.2008 14:08:44] PB UCON "pbbanshub"@ [say ^7|^5PBBHub^7| Player ^2idlewreaload ^3(a7f89a30) ^7banned for ^1MULTIHACK(70534)]

[02.29.2008 14:15:49] PB UCON "pbbanshub"@ [say ^7|^5PBBHub^7| Player ^2wa/<0! ^3(00e3166b) ^7banned for ^1MULTIHACK(70479)]

[02.29.2008 14:23:55] PB UCON "pbbanshub"@ [say ^7|^5PBBHub^7| Player ^2asdasd ^3(f3fabbef) ^7banned for ^1PB HACK(130437)]

[02.29.2008 14:32:14] PB UCON "pbbanshub"@ [say ^7|^5PBBHub^7| Player ^2:0) ^3(b424fce6) ^7banned for ^1Generic Cvar Scan(N|A)]

[02.29.2008 14:32:14] PB UCON "pbbanshub"@ [PB_SV_BanGUID 51eceb13f02fb89a31a9f684b424fce6 ":0)" "" "PBBansHub!Generic Cvar Scan"]



Well I'm only wondering why the first two bans did not get "pb_sv_banguid"ed and the last one did...



(And not begging, just wondering: Does the title "Streaming game admin" come with streaming or do I have to do something for it?)

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Well I'm only wondering why the first two bans did not get "pb_sv_banguid"ed and the last one did...

... last one is a "CVar Ban", the others are "PB Bans" - eTs | Flags: Enforce Bans | Announce New Bans | Accept MD5 Bans | Accept CVAR Bans | Allow PAT Reloads | Greetings Allowed |


This flags setting is a mix of the live-banning and the enforce bans concept, see: http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=24247 ,

Note 'enforce bans' can replace all 3 'accept ...' flags, with 'enforce bans' flag a pb_sv_banguid will be send only in case a MBi banned guid tries to join the server; a good option for ET servers, you don't need 30.000 outdated GUIDs in pbbans.dat ;)


Detailed info: http://www.pbbans.com/information.php?page=hubguide#hubflags


... missing info: http://www.pbbans.com/account/index.php?action=viewserver

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