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Pbucon Bf2142 & 4netplayers.de

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Our BF2142 server hosted by 4netplayers.de

They have very strange (for me) servers control panel

All pb-related files only could added to CP by their admins and after that I could change them

There is no pbucon.use file in BF2142 CP and when I asked to add it they replied to me that

"Theris a prbolem with pbucon & bf2142 and only evenbalance could fix it..."


My question is: Is there any real problems with linux BF2142 server and PB/PBucon for BF2142?





I couldn`t create file with pb_sv_writecfg pbucon.use, server ingonres it

I haven`t ftp access to PB folder

Because of described situation our BF2142 server still not streaming, Account ID 2842



Thanks in advance for any usefull info :), and any way I`ll try to discuss this situation with hoster

one more time

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