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Banned not showing up


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Hi there yesterday i banned a player for using a multi hack. the problem is that he is not showing up on PBBans recently banned (or even the cod4 banned list)


My server :

And it is streaming... i banned the guy via Punkbuster ban

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Private bans are not automatically streamed to the PBBans banlist. If the cheat isn't detected through the hub, it won't be added and you should manually submit the screenshot and other parameters.

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Like Ec stated ,,you pb banned him but thats not the same as a PBBAn banment,,, show the server logs or whatever info you have on the player here and let the higher ups view it....my guess is if you DO stream and it didnt the player didnt get kicked 2 things could be involved : he's already on the MBI and you need to update your list OR he has new info and you should show all the info here. If he's guilty , he'll get whats coming from him.... 1 other thing also , Yout not listed as a SGA here , you should look into that and be added to the group if infact you do stream . Its worth it ;)

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The server is streaming, but your name isn't in the team account list. If someone is cheating on the server and PB isn't detecting it don't just kick/ban record a demo (don't rely on pbss) and submit it. As said local bans don't get streamed and will only be banned on your server/s, Submit the demo and the person will be banned on 1000+ servers if the demo is MBI material.

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The team admin should submit the unaltered image through their account here at PBBans. This way the ban can go out to all of the other CoD4 servers streaming to us.

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