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Need Help banning Someone... PERMINANTLY

=DEF= Maj.Knaggsy

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Hello everyone, we have an annoying hacker which we need solving.


Basically, this guy was in our clan and we caught him hacking. it was obvious anyways but we reviewed hours of battlerecorder footage and proved byond doubt that he was hacking. He even admitted to it.


Problem is, he wont leave us alown. We ban him, he comes back. He seems to be able to change his IP at will and hash. However can you do a PB ban to completely ban his account from our server (and yours if you like).


He goes by two main names:




However we have seen him with others and even no name. All the same guy of course as he gives the same all "smack talk" in chat and admits its him. Basically, i have personally banned him over 10 times now, on our website and the gameserver with no affect. Hacks he uses which we have proved:


Wall Hack,

Fog Hack,


Name Hack,

IP/Cash Hack


However its likly hes using more such as centurion and Dr. G. We have an abundance of evidance in the form of battlerecorder files i can provide upon request. Or can be feely downloaded from:




He was online last night during our rushhour, and had to ban him using 2142CC like 8 times before he came unto our forums/shoutbox.


Any help here in issuing a perminant ban?


Maj. Knaggsy




He has also had the following hash's:













Each with a new IP also, always starting in 81 but the rest of the segments always different.



Attached Evidance (More Available Upon Request)


Using battlerecorder, here are some stills of one moment:

MrPink_ aiming and firing in the direction of silo 1 from silo 3 at a invicible target:


Tracing his bullets making their way towards the still inviseble target:


look back at MrPink_ position:


The target:


Oh no, there were two targets


This has also been witnessed by over 25 clan members on different occasions.

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That is a lot of excellent information.


Your status currently appears to be a 'Member'. I'm guessing one of the first steps to getting rid of this person is to start streaming to PBBans, if your group isn't already, and add another cheater to the list of bans. :)


PBBans Hub Streaming Guide


PBBans Starters Guide


PBBans Team Application

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IP or GUID banning is generally the most effective.


GUID banning:


pb_sv_banguid xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


IP banning:



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There's really not much PBBans can do to ban the offending player. All bans require hard evidence, either via streaming log files or screenshots.


However, there are other ways to ban the guy. For one, try banning all the player names he uses. Names in BF2142 can't be as easily changed as GUIDs and what not. Mainly thanks to EA's user login system, which only allows five soldiers per account. Essentially, they'd have to delete/create a new soldier each time. I'm sure there's a way around it, but at least banning his player name should help.


To ban his player name, use PunkBuster. Enter the following commands in either the BF2CC console or via RCON, or if you manage the PunkBuster files yourself, add it directly to the pbsv.cfg file:

pb_sv_badname 0 MrPink


pb_sv_badname is the command, 0 is the time in which the player is given before being kicked (in your case, it should be zero), and MrPink is the player name. Now PunkBuster will kick anyone with "mrpink" in their name (I believe it's case-INsensitive).


I made a server manager program for BF2142 that has a permanent ban feature. Basically, it bans a player IP, PB GUID, keyhash, clan tag, and their player name. It makes it that much harder for them to join our server. Unfortunately, it's not something I'll be releasing to the public any time soon, so the pb_sv_badname via PunkBuster is your best bet.

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