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Problems setting up streaming!


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Hi there, i seem to be having problems setting up mu multiplay server streaming i have followed the guides and still with no luck any idea why this is happening?


Do i need to wait for my team account to go live with PBB first then it will stream?



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PBBans Hub Server Results
Server Status 	Server is streaming via Hub

Server Info
Clan Tag 	dR.
Server IP
Game 	Call of Duty 4
Data Last Received 	7 mins ago

Hub Options
General 	Enforce Bans | Announce New Bans
Log Forwarding 	None
League 	None
External Bans 	None

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Ok so there is nothink else i need to do on my part it will now stream and kick those dirty cheating fools?

i guess i just need to wait now to get into the other parts of the forums.

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Your server is streaming just fine, using the Enforce flags to be kept cheater-free. :)


Just remember to regularly update your PB config files (MD5 & CVARs), either manually, using the MCI to download them or using jPAT/PAT.

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