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Server Crash problem...


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Hello @all


I restarted my server today, as I do everyday and now when I try and restart AAO I get the following error in my server.log and the server just crashes:


03/22/08 17:11:31 Log: Log file open, 03/22/08 17:11:31

03/22/08 17:11:31 Init: Name subsystem initialized

03/22/08 17:11:31 Init: Detected: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 family 5.2 (Build: 3790)

03/22/08 17:11:31 Init: Unreal Version: 3339

03/22/08 17:11:31 Init: AGP Version: 3339.

03/22/08 17:11:31 Init: Character set: Unicode

03/22/08 17:11:31 Init: Base directory: C:\Inetpub\vhosts\randell-hood.com\httpdocs\AAO\System\

03/22/08 17:11:31 Init: Ini:server.ini UserIni:User.ini

03/22/08 17:11:31 Init: Build label: Build AmericasArmy[buildDate:2008-01-25_BuildVersion:2.8.3]

03/22/08 17:11:31 Init: Object subsystem initialized

03/22/08 17:11:33 Log: Encryption key located and validated.

03/22/08 17:11:40 Log: Reverting server to LAN mode

03/22/08 17:11:40 Log: BanListMasterServer IP not specified, skipping update attempt.

03/22/08 17:11:40 Exit: Preparing to exit.

03/22/08 17:11:40 Log: Purging garbage

03/22/08 17:11:40 Log: Unbound to Core.dll

03/22/08 17:11:40 Log: Unbound to Engine.dll

03/22/08 17:11:40 Log: Garbage: objects: 437->0; refs: 0

03/22/08 17:11:40 Exit: Object subsystem successfully closed.

03/22/08 17:11:40 Exit: Exiting.

03/22/08 17:11:40 Log: FileManager: Reading 0 GByte 0 MByte 210 KByte 241 Bytes from HD took 0.270000 seconds (0.270000 reading, 0.000000 seeking).

03/22/08 17:11:40 Log: FileManager: 0.254000 seconds spent with misc. duties

03/22/08 17:11:40 Uninitialized: Name subsystem shut down

03/22/08 17:11:40 Uninitialized: Log file closed, 03/22/08 17:11:40



I tried de- installing and reinstalling with no success, server just crashes. Not sure why it always says Reverting to LAN mode???


Please help!!!

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Of course, When you have to reinstall your AAO on a dedicated server do NOT save and copy the server.ini as some settings will cause unwanted results, not sure which lines, but after I used a original server.ini edited with my Honor status all works fine.


Hope this helps someone sometime :)

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